Quality Activities

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Quality Assurance

CLEARIZE Co., Ltd., develops its business based on the policy of keeping development for the future as a company contributing to society while basing on its corporate philosophy.
We strive to provide high-quality and stable analysis and measurement services while thoroughly eliminating risks in business operations with preventive measures through our quality management system to increase customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy

(1)Have opportunities regularly to improve quality and to capture non-conformance risks to plan and implement concrete actions
(2)Analyze direct, incentive and managerial causes of non-conformance quality from not an extra-punitive but intro-punitive perspective to add preventive actions in the processes to improve our services
(3)Continuously and frequently implement standardization of analysis services, manualize procedures and processes and improve our services by applying them in practice

Yoshihisa Sekine

Representative Director

  • ISO9001_登録証_2002.11.4改訂

  • ISO9001_付属証_2002.11.4改訂