Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile


September 1971 Nikkyo Sangyo Co., Ltd., launched water quality analysis and atmospheric measurement businesses
February 1974 An analysis center was established after transferring analysis and machine testing technologies from the Inspection Department of Hitachi Plant of Hitachi, Ltd.
October 1986 Part of the surface analysis, morphology observation and structural analysis services was transferred from Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
April 1991 Operations of Wear Research Group was transferred from Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
May 1996 The Center was merged with Hitachi Materials Engineering Co., Ltd. and changed the name to Hitachi Kyowa Engineering Co., Ltd.
April 2013 Four group companies including Hitachi Kyowa Engineering Co., Ltd., were merged to form Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd., and Hitachi Kyowa Engineering became one of the departments of the new company.
March 2020 CLEARIZE Co., Ltd. launched its services by succeeding Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd.’s commissioned analysis service business through company split.



Company Name CLEARIZE Co., Ltd.
Address Horiguchi 832-2, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki 312-0034, Japan
Business Launched March 1, 2020
Representative Yoshihisa Sekine  Representative Director
Capital 50 million yen
Number of Employees 153 (as of April 2022)
Main Businesses (1) Businesses providing instrumental and structural analysis, material research and test evaluation and measurement engineering as well as chemical, soil, gas and plant water quality analysis, radioactivity measurement and services related to the development of new analysis evaluation methods, etc.
(2) Market and technology research related to the preceding items
(3) Worker dispatch business
(4) All businesses incidental or related to each of the preceding items
Headquarters and Sales Offices Headquarters/General Affairs
Horiguchi 832-2, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki 312-0034, Japan
Phone Number: +81-29-276-9802

Hitachinaka Sales Office
Horiguchi 832-2, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki 312-0034, Japan
Phone Number: +81-29-276-5740

Hitachi Sales Office
1F, Saiwai-cho 1-chome 13-7, Hitachi 317-0073, Japan
Phone Number: +81-294-77-0149

Tokyo Sales Office
Imagix Bldg. 4F, Kaji-cho 2-chome 10-11, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0044, Japan
Phone Number: +81-3-3258-7595

Toyota Sales Office
Fuji Fire Toyota Bldg. Room 04D, Kosakahonmachi 1-chome 13-11, Toyota, Aichi 471-0034, Japan
Phone Number: +81-565-41-6702