Environmental Policy

 CLEARIZE Co., Ltd., considers “global environmental conservation” as one of the most important common human challenges, and promotes environmental conservation activities by contributing to realization of a sustainable society through our commissioned analysis business.

1.Establish an environmental management system to continuously improve environmental management activities for environmental performance improvement

2.Comply with environment-related laws and regulations and other requirements that our organization agrees with while striving to prevent environmental pollution

3.Promote the following initiatives as environmental management activities:
(1)Enhance contribution to the initiatives to develop environmentally friendly products and to reduce environmental burden through our commissioned analysis business
(2)Strive to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions to prevent global warming
(3)Reduce the amount of waste and promote recycling
(4)Make efforts for proper control of hazardous chemical substances and for reduction of air emissions to prevent environmental pollution

4.Take preventive actions against environmental risks, support local environmental activities, promote communication with local communities, etc., to preserve biodiversity and ecosystems and to promote harmony with local communities

July 1, 2022

Yoshihisa Sekine

Representative Director

Environmental Management

 CLEARIZE considers ensuring harmony between environmental conservation and economic growth along with safety and security in social life as the immediate top priority, and has strived to realize “harmony among environment, energy and industry for a sustainable society.”
 We intend to promote environmental conservation activities to realize a sustainable society as a business specializing in commissioned analysis.

  • *Tokyo, Toyota and Hitachi sales offices are out of the scope of the certification.